Bloom, Baby, Bloom!

Get Set For Spring - A look at how Rachel's love of gardening inspired some of the beautiful floral designs in our new collection!

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes a new feeling of hope and excitement which sits at the heart of our new collection. We wanted the new prints to reflect this feeling in the best way possible with a vast array of vibrant, joyful patterns to suit every taste.
Young girl in yellow floral dress standing in floral garden

The seed of inspiration for much of these new designs has grown straight from Rachel’s very own garden! Her love of gardening goes hand in hand with the creation of many of the new designs, with each piece reflecting the patience and optimism needed for a garden to prosper.

“I am a keen gardener, so happy to see my own garden as the perfect backdrop for our print dresses.”

Young girl in pink floral dress in floral garden

Rachel spends many happy hours tending to her garden and is an adamant believer in the benefits of being outdoors in nature and the benefits that patience and dedication can bring.
Rachel’s beautifully cherished garden became the perfect backdrop to showcase the new designs in our Spring/Summer collection. What better place to photograph them than the very place that inspired so many of these designs!
Rachel tending to her garden

The new butterfly prints came into mind after the blossoms attracted several of the delicate insects to Rachel’s garden last year. A perfect symbol of endurance, change and hope amongst such challenging and uncertain times.

Young girl in butterfly print satin dress in floral garden  Shop our new collection today because now, more than ever, your little ones deserve to flourish.



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