Introducing our new Toy Shop

We are so excited to share our exciting and happy news - we have now officially opened our online Toy Shop!

We have a fabulous selection of toys to choose from, from soft toys for tiny newborns right up to educational toys for pre-teens and beyond (some of us adults like to play too!)


We now stock a colourful array of letter and number fridge magnets, so the whole family can write joyous messages of love, as well as solving maths problems, whilst making tea!

We have introduced four families of multi-cultural dolls, in different ethnicities and skin colours, and to complete the playful theme, we have an extensive choice of colourful outfits for each doll, to play dolly dress-up (it’s what we do every day; what me and my creative team call work!) And the dolls have loads of accessories too!


We have added traditional wicker prams so dolly can be taken out for a walk, a red polka dot tea set (in real porcelain) and wooden birthday cake and ice-lollies, so dolly can have a tea party! And when dolly needs some much earned rest, he or she (we do both girl and boy dolls, in 2 different sizes) can be put to bed in the wooden rocking cradle, and soothed to sleep! 

We have spent the last 25 years bringing joy to babies and children with our clothing designs, and sharing happy family memories, and delighting parents, grand-parents, gift-givers and family members.

Whilst growing our business and extending our product ranges, we realised that our customers wanted the ease of a ‘one-stop-shop’ with a company they could trust, and we now sell, alongside our apparel collections, a great selection of toys in a variety of prices. We have pocket-money pieces starting at £4.95 and stocking fillers and even offer the most luxurious dolls house, complete with furniture for every room and a family to live in it.  

 We understand our business is to offer all that you could possibly wish for your little ones, and have scoured to find the best choices in order to give you what you want, delivered straight to your door! We even offer next day delivery and overseas shipping.


We know that as you are shopping for clothing for your little ones, you might also be interested in this lovely assortment of related products, all destined for that lucky baby or child in your life! Our selection includes toys suitable for newborns, and the age range is clearly marked in the description to help you choose the right option.

All our toys are traditional and ethically sourced, some are made from recycled materials and we are careful about offering a selection from like-minded companies specialising in goods that are perfect for your little ones to play and learn as they are having fun.

And if you are not sure what to choose, our trained and experienced staff are only a phone call away (our phone lines are on-site & manned from 9 to 5.30 Monday to Friday) so we have plenty of advice & recommendations to make sure that your lucky recipients are gifted with love!

We now stock the best paints, felt-tip pens and coloured pencils for the budding artists in your family, as well as our new Colour-Me crayons, and notebooks with our exclusive prints. To encourage creativity we have aprons and craft sets in a variety of price points.

Send your little ones the sweetest treats to make them feel special, and enjoy the generosity and the gift of giving! Our toys aren’t just reserved for children, as many of these fabulous items are limited editions and just as fun for playful adults.

Personally, I feel like Father Christmas as I write this blog, (or at least Mother Christmas)! My sack is full of the happiest gifts bound to bring joy, love, laughter and happiness, and of course, we all need much more of that as we go into the festive period this year!

Some of my favourites are the construction toys, and many options of automobiles, including classic cars in shiny red, blue, black and yellow! To make these all the more fun to play with we also have a car playmat to provide hours of fun and imaginative play.

What better way to give them love than to write a personalised message to include in your gift! You will find the option to include a gift message at the check out, or you can select from our exclusive greeting card selection, and write your own. To make your gift extra special, add a luxury gift box and our expert team will wrap you gift beautifully for you!

So wrap them up with the hugs and kisses they deserve and treat them to something special!



As a child, I remember my own sense of wonder and excitement when I visited the toy shop that my grandparents owned. To share my nostalgia, I wanted to share a photo of my Granddad Riley, standing outside his shop, with all his happy little customers with their noses pressed against his shop window, and his sense of beaming pride. It seems that shop-keeping, and sharing happiness, runs in our blood.

So shop now while our stocks last, and spread the joy and happiness of play!

Rachel Riley November 2020

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