Let’s Get Creative – ‘Write your own poetry’

We all know people in difficulty, but I especially feel for my adult son who has recently been diagnosed with severe Autism.  I tell him he just has to put one foot in front of the other, keep calm and carry on!  Luckily he is spending his days being creative and has just started writing poetry.
Alfred in 1993
So, I set him a challenge and gave him some of my most iconic prints and asked him to write a poem for each one. Here is what he has come up with, and his poems always make me smile!
 We hope you enjoy the poems and they bring a smile to your face as they did to ours!  It is so fun to see how Alfred has used words in such a creative way to reflect the feeling that the print evokes in him.  As a designer, I love to work visually and am inspired by many things around me when designing these exclusive prints.  It brings me such joy to hear from our customers what their purchases mean to them, creating joyous, uplifting, conversational designs is the backbone of what we do & feeds our creativity everyday! 
Rachel & Alfred in 1992
We would love for you to become involved and so have a competition for you - young and old alike!  
We always like being challenged, so can you & your children write a poem on any of our prints?  We are offering a £50 gift voucher for the best entry, with runner-up prizes for all those who enter!  Email your entries to mailorder@rachelriley.co.uk.  We will announce the winner on Friday June 19th!
So get inspired, write some words and who knows where your creativity will lead you and remember, ‘best entry’ can come in many different guises!  
Have fun, share, and we hope this will bring a much-needed smile in these uncertain and challenging times.

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