Discover our paint collaboration with Little Knights

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Little Knights: 100% VOC-free, family-friendly paint made in the UK!

With 10 exclusive pastel colours made from 100% VOC-free formulation, it’s more eco-friendly and better for anyone with allergies – in fact, it’s ideal for all the family including pets. 

Photo above features Angelic Blue paint

Q&A with Rachel

Let's find out a little more about the paint range...

What is your favourite colour from the new range?  Asking for my favourite colour is a bit like asking me if I have a favourite child! They are all perfect in my opinion and I could never choose as they are all so different! I like Macaroon as it is such a subtle shade and would look beautiful in both sunlight and shade.

How did you decide on the 10 exclusive colours? I love colour when I design our clothing collections, and we know, from over 25 years of experience, what colours are most popular. I also love ‘matchy-matchy’ so I wanted to make sure we had the perfect ‘sugar pink’ for ‘My Little Princess’ and the most handsome ‘baby blue’ for My Little Prince!

Could this be a step in the direction of offering homewares as well as toys and clothing? If so, it’s an exciting direction! Absolutely, and watch this space! We have already launched a beautiful collection of Baby Bedding and next month sees the launch of our Children’s duvet and pillow-case sets. There are plans ahead for adding additional homeware as our prints lend themselves equally to apparel and homeware, and we would love to add to this for the whole nursery.


Photo above features Candy Floss paint

Why not try it in your own home? Order your paint tin here today

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