Our Workshop

Our workshop is tucked away in the beautiful countryside of the Loire Valley, France. 

Rachel and her French husband, photographer Daniel Jouanneau, lived in the French countryside with their three children when they were small. In 1994 Rachel set up an atelier there with local seamstresses and pattern-cutters, this was the beginning of her childrenswear business.

This workshop uses traditional techniques, and has now been making samples & special orders, and cutting and grading patterns, for over twenty years.
                 First samples & special orders are made in the workshop     
In 1997 Rachel bought the machinery from a local workshop making baby shoes & kid leather slippers. She had her machinists trained in the techniques of making these classic styles, with shoe lasts originating from the 1930’s.
These are still made in the traditional way, stitched on the outside, much like assembling a garment, hand turned & heated on child-sized shoe forms.  These range from layette size 16 which fits a baby of one month to size 40 for a teenager for a special occasion.   
The forms used to create the final shape of the shoe.    
Our slippers are available in a wide variety of leathers from pastel baby blues and pinks to vibrant metallic golds and silvers and punchy patents!  They match back to each and every one of the clothing outfits in our collections.
In-soles all lined up ready to be inserted into the slippers.  They are embossed with our gold logo using a traditional gold foil block technique.
When the slippers are almost complete we add the finishing touch, the pearl-effect round button to complete our signature style - the button strap slipper.
The finished product as featured on our website, these come packaged in a beautiful gift box, ideal for ensuring your party shoes are cherished for years to come!
All of the completed orders at the end of the day - ready to box up and send off to our lovely customers!

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