Plan An At Home Party!

Let’s Have A Party!
How to host an ‘At-Home’ celebration

As a small business, we are all about innovation and I feel that these days we are running through the rain dodging raindrops! However, our Brand Philosophy for the past 25 years has been to bring joy and happiness to babies, children, their parents, grand-parents and family members so we are not going to stop now.

On the contrary, we feel that there is new opportunity as everyone turns to shopping online and most importantly, will want to order from a trusted company. One that will actually answer the telephone and enjoys talking through ordering options, that is knowledgeable about sizing and colours choices, that will be honest and up-front about delivery times, and that is selling stock that is held and processed in our dedicated warehouse in London (social distancing, of course).

We are aware that even in turbulent times, babies will still be born, and families will want to share photos of their little ‘bundles of joy’. And we still want to celebrate our children’s birthdays and make them feel special.

So now in addition to designing and selling baby and children’s clothes and accessories perfect for that special occasion, we now sell party decorations, balloons, party hats, candles and greetings cards, so we can offer a complete service and a ‘one-stop-shop’!

Birthday Cake Party Dress - Heart Damask Party Dress - Lace Damask Party Dress

Ribbon Hairslide Set - Heart Damask Maxi Bow - Ribbon Hairslide Set

White Button Strap Slippers - Pink Button Strap Slippers - Silver Button Strap Slippers



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