Rachel’s Top 5 Tips on Autumn Styling

As the day's get shorter and the morning's get cooler, we are excited for a new school term and a new season!  We spoke to Rachel to ask for her top tips on dressing for Autumn...
1. Layering 
Mornings are cool and afternoons warm up so great to have options to layer up. Choose from our dresses with matching cardigans, sweaters and our new jacket styles for AW23!
2. Muted Autumn Colours
Here is a lovely new colour palette for the soft hues of Autumn. Our collection features muted colours, which have been designed to match the changing seasons.
3. Darker Prints
Lighter prints make way for darker as the leaves fall and we get ready for some spooky halloween fun, pumpkins, bonfires and fireworks - all the magical fun of Autumn!
4. Autumnal Themes
Our iconic and exclusive prints feature autumnal themes, with hedgehogs, squirrels and other whimsical woodland motifs.
5. Soft Comfy Jersey
Stay cosy with our softest knitted jersey, as comfortable as sleepwear and as cute as can be!

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