Festive Outfits for the Stages of Christmas Day

Christmas is a magical time filled with cherished traditions and joyful moments. As you and your family prepare to celebrate this special time, you'll want to make sure your kids are not only looking stylish but also comfortable for the various stages of the day. Megan (@kitandco_) takes us through what Christmas Day will look like in her household with her daughter Willow, 7, and son Kit, 5.  From waking up in pyjamas to baking mince pies and playing games, here's a guide to the perfect Christmas clothing for your little ones, designed by Rachel Riley.

Waking up in Pyjamas

The excitement of Christmas begins when the kids go to bed in their cosy pyjamas on Christmas Eve. Make this moment extra special with festive-themed matching pyjamas! Whether it's classic tartan, reindeer prints or even Santa-themes, your kids will love starting the day in comfortable and cheerful sleepwear.

For Kit aged 5, our Motorbike Classic Pyjamas are the perfect choice. These classic pyjamas feature a charming motorbike design and are a great choice that he will love all year beyond the festive season.

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Opening Presents

For the next stage of the day, your little ones rush to the Christmas tree to discover what Santa has left for them! Outfit your kids in fun but durable clothes that are ready for action! Kit aged 5, loves our Red Flannel Tartan Shirt. This classic cotton shirt is smart, soft and comfortable for playtime.

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Playing Family Games

The kids will be eager to dive into playing with their new toys and so will need a comfortable yet playful look. Willow has chosen our Christmas Botanical Dress, which matches the traditional colours of the tree and makes her look like a holiday princess as she unwraps her gifts. Our Gingerbread Smocked Dress is also a great option and adds a touch of festive charm to your little one's appearance.

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Baking Mince Pies

Family baking traditions are a delightful part of Christmas. When it's time to roll out the dough and make delicious mince pies, dress your children in cute and practical aprons! For Willow aged 7, our Petal Button-Front Dress is a wonderful option. Our iconic best-selling shape is a timeless piece and made from 100% cotton it is an excellent choice for a budding young chef.

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As Megan prepares for the festivities to ensure Christmas is filled with joy and comfort, she knows that the right clothing can make these moments even more memorable for her two kids. Explore Rachel Riley's Christmas clothing collection and make Christmas unforgettable by dressing your children in outfits that suit every part of the day, no matter what activities you get up to!

Check out Megan's Instagram @kitandco_ for more Christmas ideas and home inspiration this festive season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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